Ricky A. Carlson
Attorney at Law

Respected in the community for his professional demeanor and caringness for each and every client.

Fast Legal Advice

I respond to each client’s questions and needs quickly as I am available by phone and email.


Over 36+ years of legal experience, I am well known for my expertise on many topics of law and I am always staying up to date with any changes.

Thousands of Cases Handled

Having practiced in many different areas, I use my combined experience in the most effective way for each case.

Who I Am

Practicing law since 1982, I have represented numerous clients in a variety of different cases. Having lived and practiced law in both Genesee County and Kalamazoo, I am familiar with the local and regional laws and customs.

Whether you need a prosecutor or defense attorney, I have handled almost every type of case with my 36+ years of experience.


Contact me today by calling my office or by sending me an email.

My Philosophy

I care, respect, and am empathetic to my client’s needs. If you need legal counseling I am here to help my community. I am diligent in my work and will always provide the highest quality service you expect. My process is a no-nonsense approach, straightforward, and drama free. I am humbled when clients come to me with their problems as I love helping people by using my years of experience practicing law.


With 36+ years of legal experience, I am well researched on many topics of law and I am always staying up to date with any changes.


Not just a lawyer you can trust, but a lawyer you know will take your case close to heart.

Fast Results

I work hard and quick to resolve my client’s legal affairs. I help my client’s so they do not need to worry about their troubles.


I am available by phone and email and I respond quickly to any and all questions.

Some of My Practice Areas

Family Law


These are just a few of the areas of law that I practice. With my long-term relationship with practicing law, I have covered a massive number cases across all fields of the law.

How I Work

Our Usual Process

Communication. I start by getting an understanding of my client’s needs and openly share with them how I plan to help.
Prepare for the case. I check, double check, then triple check for the needed paperwork from and for the client.
Execute. I proceed to do my due diligence for your case, researching the topics required based on the individual case.
Provide Results. I deliver my service to my client’s with open communication of my plan of action and proceed with the actions required.

1. Communication

2. Prepare the Case

3. Execute

4. Provide Results


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Kalamazoo: (269) 290-7717
Flint: (810) 424-0900

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