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Are you thinking of starting a new business? Should you buy an existing business and if so, should it be the whole business itself including “Good Will”, “Assets” & “Liabilities” or maybe just purchase the equipment and assets?

Do you know what goes into a pre-purchase “due diligence” investigation?  

What about the utility and/or limitations of a “Non Compete” paragraph in your business purchase agreement to prevent your Seller from taking your money and immediately keeping a similar business operating nearby?

How should you organize to best protect your individual and business property?; Sole Proprietorship; Partnership; Limited Liability Company; Standard C Corp; Subchapter S Corporation maybe? Do you appreciate the relative advantages and disadvantages of each?

How and with whom do you register your business entity?

Do you require an EIN (employer identification number) and if so how to acquire one?

Will your business own Assets, Fixtures, Equipment, Furniture and/or other property, real or personal? Might it be better in some cases for the property the business uses to be either individually owned by you or a third party, or a separate Investment or Holding Company you control and lease the property back to your business?

Do you know how and where to check to see if the name you wish for your business or an assumed name you wish to register for the company to do business under is available to you to reserve or to register?

Do you need a Michigan compliant commercial purchase agreement or commercial lease agreement drafted?

When do you require a formal resolution adopted? What does one look like? How is it drafted and where is it used?

Once your business is opened and running, do you think it wise to seek out professional advice periodically to ensure you are kept abreast of any changes in the law or regulations affecting your business?

If your answer to these questions or others not even offered as examples here are in the affirmative, you should call me and set up a consultation.  I can and will make you and your business efficiently organized and run and get you started off on the right foot to succeed in whatever business endeavor you choose.

Ricky Carlson Business Law
Ricky Carlson Business Law

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