Serious Injury and Wrongful Death

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence?; maybe negligence in the use of a motor vehicle, car, truck, motorcycle?; maybe the negligent use of a firearm, power tool,  a lawn mower, a machine or other equipment?

How about injuries you sustained resulting from the negligence of people on their business or residential property?; premises defects resulting in slip or trip and falls?; dog or animal attacks?

Perhaps your first inclination is to shun a local lawyer search and simply call the professional marketing law firm you last saw or heard or that you see and hear the most on tv or radio believing “they must be really good or they wouldn’t be on tv”.

Do you realize how many of the cases called into them are not handled by their office(s) at all but rather sent out to another lawyer, one THEY choose, not you, who has contractually agreed with them to send them a portion of the fee you pay them as a referral fee for the case?

Do you know how to identify, locate, pursue and deal with insurance companies and their adjusters who may be responsible for the liability or negligence of the person or company that injured you?

Would you consider the possibility that your compensatory recovery for your injuries might be swifter and greater if sought by someone like myself on your behalf?  Someone who has been employed in the first dozen or so years of practice by multiple so-called “insurance defense” law firms retained by hundreds of different insurance companies and self insured, hospitals, drug companies and other big businesses with the sole purpose of minimizing the insurer’s  exposure, liability and ultimately payment amount for the negligence claim?

How about someone like me, who after tiring of too often being on the “wrong side” of litigation has devoted more than the past twenty-five years to representing injured people in such claims instead? Someone who knows how the insurance adjuster, thinks and how they work and what inspires them to voluntarily settle the claim and more importantly, how to make that knowledge work for you and to YOUR advantage?

Not to mention someone of and/or from your local community; who knows the judges, the attorneys, the court secretaries, clerks, court officers and other personnel?

Finally, has someone in your family been so seriously injured by the negligence of another that they died? If so I am truly more sorry and empathetic than you know..

Would you appreciate being represented by a lawyer that not only understands the legal requirements of a wrongful death action and how to navigate such a case procedurally through the court system but someone who while doing so, is ever cognizant of the tremendous personal loss and grief of those affected by the case?

Perhaps you would be better served by a lawyer such as me who has suffered such a tragic loss in my family and as such will strive always to minimize the psychological hurt of the case while maximizing the financial recovery, however poor excuse that may be for justice in such cases.

If you need a lawyer to represent you in your serious personal injury or wrongful death case, call me; let’s talk and see what you think.

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